F-One Bandit 2016 (Fuschia-White-Pink)

EGP 15,873.00

// Technoforce double ripstop fabric
// F-One pulley structure
// Delta C-shape
// EVO De-power 4 line system
// Automatic re-launch
// Force Frame structure
// Fusion Struts

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For this 9th edition of the Bandit, F-One have worked essentially on the two following axes: profile refinement and the swing of the kite to improve the depower. Designer Robert Graham smoothed the profile down to the perfection on the whole span of the canopy making the kite more stable and performing better, with no parasitic movements.

Thanks to all these improvements the kite holds firmly its position on the edge of the flight window while riding with no forth and back movements. This is especially efficient for upwind riding where the Bandit will let you ride with a better angle effortlessly with good speed control.

A better performer, the Bandit is easier to send to the top of the window for the jumps and offers more hang time. The kite flies faster through the window during the loops, showing no decrease in speed before rushing back to the zenith. 

For unhooked riding, its stability and ability to fly close to the edge of the window enables better pop with a progressive traction through the handle-pass moves.