Best TS 2016

EGP 15,000.00

// Includes Best Red Bar 2016
// 4-line open C-kite for unlimited freestyle and freeride performance
// Grunty pull combined with great depower to cover huge wind range
// Highest performance for all riding styles
// Fastest turning speed for kiteloops and boosting big airs
// Great pop and solid line slack for unhooked tricks
// Reactive Micro Bridle for precision and stability
// Ride Optimized Geometry
// Surf Tough materials
// 3D Bridle Deflector

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The TS is Best’s flagship. Controllable power meets outstanding performance to match the highest expectations of all freestyle, wakestyle, freeride and wave riders. The TS is your choice to push your limits and do it all!

Get the most out of your TS, Roca and Cabo with the brand new Best Red bar. The cleanest and most efficient front line safety system, the proven Iron Heart IV Quick release system and extremely strong 22 meter lines make it the best and safest bar you could possibly ride.