CORE XR7 Kite 2022

EGP 0EGP 38,730

1 × Core Sensor 3 Pro Bar 2022
EGP 13,360
1 × Core Sensor 3 + Bar 2022
EGP 12,100


Skyscraper Your Air Venture begins now. Now’s a great time to retire your hangar queen(s) and start planning your next mission on an XR7… . Better yet, get your whole squadron on the XR7 and rule the skies. See how easy it is to earn your wings with the XR7’s new canopy material, precise… XR7… Delta Bow Shape CORETEX 2.0® TRIPLE RIPSTOP Canopy New! EXOTEX® Ultra Rigid Dacron EXOTEX® Light Struts New! 5 Strut Frame Faster Turning Speed CIT… High Performance Freeride + | Big Air | Freestyle | Wave Moments Kite Finder


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