F-One Platinium 3 Bindings 2022

EGP 5,610

  • Perfect fit
  • Dual density pad
  • Bright yellow color
  • Good grip
  • Three ways to secure the bindings
  • Grip edge at the toes
  • Gel foam in the straps



To obtain the highest quality pads, F-One have chosen an injected process that permits various forms and densities. They created a dual-density pad for an optimized comfort: the edge areas are denser for a better support while the foot bed areas are softer for more comfort. F-One are using a unique process that allows generating all possible forms while picking the best EVA foam density.

Because a pad is those two essential things: a form and a foam. The F-ONE strap is fully adjustable to the size and shape of the foot. This year we have improved the quality of the strap, which are now filled with gel foam for a fantastic comfort. Its neoprene coating is combined with a base in injected plastic.

There are three tuning axes to set the PLATINIUM3 BINDINGS on the board for an optimum riding position:

  • Angle: from 0° to 24°, you can select the foot angle that fits you the best.
  • Foot Position: you can slide the PLATINIUM3 BINDINGS forth or back on the board to place your feet at the right distance from the edge of the board.
  • Stance: all F-ONE boards offer three settings for the spacing of your feet.

Three types of controls depending on the size of your feet for an amazing comfort:

  • Length
  • Width
  • Height

A refined construction:

  • Dual-density pad for an optimized comfort:the edge areas are denser for a better support while the foot bed areas are softer for more comfort
  • Combination of a fine anti-slip texture with a layer of thermoformed EVA to offer a perfect grip.
  • Assembly based on a light but solid base plate.
  • The PLATINIUM3 BINDINGS form a block which can be positioned and fastened easily on the boards (requiring only two screws). They can also be transported easily without losing your finely tuned setup.

An ergonomic pad shape:

  • Optimized slope: the whole pad is canted towards the inside of the board to keep the feet perpendicular to the legs.
  • Dedicated grab ridge in toe area.]
    • Specific support area under the foot arch.
    • Wide heel area to let you angle your foot as you feel like depending on your riding.
    • Lateral comfort flanges to protect your feet from the plastic straplocks.

    A new generation footstrap:

    • A thermoformed structure combined with a gel foam core provide the footstraps with an ideal comfort and support.
    • Super resistant neoprene


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