April 24, 2016

For Legends Only

Mystic innovate yet again with the Legend, the world’s first ever unibody harness made out of one injection mold. The harness is made using cutting edge technology and a unique construction method that completely prevents water absorption.

The Flymold unibody is a revolutionary new concept that combines simplicity together with a new construction method to provide optimal back support and prevent complete water absorption.

The center part of the Flyweb contains an ergonomically designed backplate with extra spinal inserts providing more support during kiting. The Flyweb structure maintains flexibility and gives the rider the optimal support where needed.

The Legend harness has been developed to provide optimal support when the pulling power of a kite or sail is changing in angles. The material of the Flymold is 100% water resistant and keeps the harness as light as possible during your kite session.