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Kite Courses

Let us connect you to the world of kitesurfing by sharing our expertise and recommending the best instructors/centers in Egypt suited to your level. Just fill in the below form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Awda Dahab

Jeep-kitesurfing founded by Awda in 2017. Awda one of the pioneers of kitesurfing in Dahab, offers the ultimate kitesurfing experience for beginners, intermediates, and pro riders. All instructors are level 2 IKO instructors. Jeep-kitesurfing offers the latest kitesurfing gear for rentals, to keep you on your best form on the water. The Jeep-kitesurfing experience doesn’t end by sun down, hosting breathtaking dinners in the mountains.

El Gouna

Momo Best

Momo is the founder of Discovery Kite, with more than 16 years of experience teaching with the highest standard of safety.
coming from a kitesurfing background in El Gouna, who started kitesurfing from the very beginning when kite safety systems were very rudimentary. He is a North Kiteboarding Egypt Pro Rider.
He loves to teach advanced old school tricks & freestyle. Above all, Momo speaks fluent English, German, and Russian languages.

Ras Sudr

Tarek Amir

I offer an experience, a life changing experience, Kitesurfing is the optimum activity to do in Egypt, blend with the wind & sea, control the wind with the tips of your finger & connect yourself to an element of nature 🍃
The beginner’s course is a six hour course divided on two days, youll learn about the new all the way till you ride your board independently, after the course you’ll receive your international certification & can basically kite anywhere worldwide

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