August 31, 2015

Help Ruben Lenten Fight Cancer

We have all heard of the sad news regarding one of kitesurfing’s biggest and most inspirational riders Ruben Lenten, who has recently learned he has cancer.

Megaloop king and a kiting legend in his own right, what makes Lenten stand out more in our eyes is his unbelievable, larger-than-life, downright crazy ability to possess and spread so much positivity and love in everything he does.

Seeing this as “just a little bump in the road”, Lenten is currently in the process of waiting on medical results and excited to find a treatment and recovery plan. No matter the result, this journey will cost a little more than expected which is why his friends have setup an online fundraiser to help support him.

Lenten writes, “I’m very positive and ready to win this battle! It’s going to be a rough road ahead and this is only the beginning. There will be a lot of costs related to this adventure, so I kindly ask for your continued support on my way to ultimate health and happiness.”

Please spread all the positive energy you can for this great man through the power of prayer and your donations which you can submit here:

Here’s to love, light and Lenten!