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Core Link Harness


Including link Hook Spreaderbar


Key Features

FLEX SHELL: Lightweight, elastic polyamide back shell for flexible back support with plenty of freedom of movement

MEMORY FOAM: Comfortable viscoelastic foam padding for supremely soft and pleasurable wearing experience

LUMBAR PAD: Thermoformed EVA pad with anti-slip profile reduces the harness from slipping up

WAIST BELT: Elastic belt with velcro fastener keeps the harness on the body

ROPE HANDLE: Sheathed Dyneema leash as a handle, as well as for optional attachment of the safety leash

SAFETY KNIFE: stored in the waist belt to ensure your safety in critical situations

DYNEEMA ROPE: The tear-resistant double-layer construction features an anti-friction coating and a core rope in a vibrant yellow safety color

CLOSURE BUCKLES: The solid stainless steel buckle securely hooks into the claw attachment on the spreaderbar

BUCKLE LOCK: A safety latch effectively locks the closure buckle to prevent unintended opening

TIGHTENING LOOPS: These closed loops enable quick and easy tightening

ELASTIC COVER: The elastic cover neatly stows loose webbings

SPREADERBARS: The hook and rope spreaderbars are available separately, allowing for quick and convenient exchange

10,220 EGP