Core Xr8 2023

EGP 46,779EGP 75,919

  • Big Air | Freeride
  • New ExoTex®2 leading edge material
  • ExoTex® light struts
  • CoreTex®2 triple ripstop fabric
  • Thinner LE and strut diameter
  • 5 strut design with high Y split
  • Faster steering performance
  • Easy Relaunch
  • Personally adjustable by CIT modes
1 × CORE Pump 2.0 2022 EGP 2,450
1 × Core SENSOR 3S Bar 2023 EGP 19,480
1 × Core SENSOR 3S Pro Bar 2023 - 52cm/18-24m EGP 22,260

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High performance big air kite from Core with new dacron material

The Core XR has been one of the best big air kites on the market for years. With the new Core XR8 kite, Core raises the bar again in the field of high performance, big air and freeride. To get straight to the point when it comes to upgrades: the Core XR8 has a new dacron material on the leading edge. The new ExoTex®2 dacron material is ultra rigid and robust. The upgrade to ExoTex®2 has allowed Core to upgrade the entire frame of the XR8. Because the new dacron material is stiffer, Core has been able to reduce the diameter of the LE and struts and maintain the same stiffness of the frame. Due to a thinner Leading Edge and struts, the XR8 has less air resistance and the XR8 flies easier and faster through the wind window. This gives you a more direct steering input and you can therefore jump even higher with the XR8, height records are guaranteed to be broken with this kite. If you like kiteloops, the upgrade will also enlighten your kite experience. The thin LE allows the Core XR8 to pull kiteloops faster and easily rise above you to sweep you up with a smooth downloop and land like a feather.

The characteristic 5 strut frame of the XR8 has been retained, as has the CoreTex®2 triple ripstop canopy. The 5 strut frame with triple ripstop ensures optimum stability. You will especially notice this in strong winds, in which the Core XR8 excels best. The unique pulley bridle system with CIT modes allows you to adjust the character of the XR8 to your wishes. In addition, this pulley bridle system ensures that the XR8 has the most optimal angle to the wind, so that the XR8 always gives you maximum lift. The confidence that all of those features of the Core XR8 will give you in extreme conditions is unparalleled, you will effortlessly fly through your old hight record. In case of a crash resulting the XR8 to land on the water there is no reason for stress, the Delta Bow shape will give you an effortless relaunch and you are ready for your next jump before you know it!

Our own experience with the XR8 was very positive. Where we often found the XR7 a bit on the slow side, the XR8 surprised us with its speed. Kiteloops went a lot smoother and a downloop was done in no time. So if you are looking for a super stable high performance kite for freeride and big air, then the XR8 is definitely a kite for you!


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